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Olive Marketing & Training was born out of a passion to create confident and resilient marketers and marketing campaigns. Our founder, Cheska Bennett, was an in-house digital marketer for 15 years within the travel, leisure and hospitality industry, working across a global market.


Cheska has lived and worked in China, USA, New Zealand and Europe, working in both large scale corporations as well as start-ups and Olive marketing is now a network of over 15 talented digital marketers and trainers supporting innovative and ambitious businesses to grow their online presence.


Named after a great teacher (Cheska’s grandmother) Olive Marketing & Training has a mission to create customer-centric and cost efficient marketing strategies which don’t just fall into the ether, but really work for your business, whatever industry that may be.

Meet Some of Our Clients

Brand Incrementum 

Magic Little Giants

AIN Dubai

Reem Designs

M Power Me

The Be Plan

Nomads Hostels

South Coast Weddings

Hound Dog Creative

Liz Clark Concierge