• Cheska Bennett

Case Study: A solely pay for performance digital strategy

Updated: Feb 21

Bringing you a real case study, this one from a SME travel start up; using affiliate marketing as a home for all digital channel performance.

The Marketing Challenge:

  • A reduced marketing budget with high costs committed in non-digital channels

  • The ratio between agency retainer and media spend was diminishing drastically

  • The restriction in direct to consumer budget was resulting in:

  • limited google visibility

  • small prospect pools for leads on Facebook

  • digital channels were restricted supporting agencies spread thin & became unproductive channels were being turned off as budget ran out

A new innovative strategy was required:

  • This had to deliver the need for always on activity

  • Aim to maximise budget to gain expansive reach & lead generation

  • Continue ability to maintain visibility in global markets

  • Deliver ability to dynamically promote new products

  • Provide opportunities to promote special offers

In which the approach taken was:

  • Affiliate marketing became an area of growing importance due to the cost per acquisition model

  • This led to trialling affiliate partners to run social advertising & PPC activity

  • Affiliate partners were recruited to run this activity on our behalf

  • Commission was increased to incentivise the partners

  • Exclusivity was offered during the trial period

The results spoke for themselves:

  • Agency cost savings per annum of £40,000

  • Media spend saving of £200,000

  • Sales uplift of 15%

  • Incremental digital channel reach of over 3 million

  • Saved resource time internally of 40 hours per week

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